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Tips for Winning a Super Bowl Contest

The Super Bowl, year after year, is the most watched program in the United States. Millions of people who watch the game decide to make it more interesting by placing wagers o (MORE)
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Common Symbols of Good Luck and Fortune

Everyone can use a little extra luck from time to time. Here are four common symbols of good fortune that have been used for centuries as good luck tokens to attract health, r (MORE)
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How to Forward a Call to Another Phone

With the many phones, you can reroute your incoming calls to any other number you choose. For example, you can forward calls from your landline to your cellphone so that you d (MORE)

Safely Entering Contests With the Best Chance to Win

When entering a contest or sweepstakes to win that grand trip to Europe, it's important to be safe about it. Local contests are great ways of helping out the community and hav (MORE)