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Recognizing a PCH Scam

Recognizing a PCH scam is not always easy. Scam artists have a variety of different tricks that they use to fool you. If you think you are a winner, be sure to do your research and make sure. The chances are, you are the victim of a scam....(more)

What You Need to Know to Avoid PCH Scams

To avoid PCH scams, your best bet is to ignore your mail, email and phone calls you receive from unknown sources. Scam artists are very clever and can even create fraudulent checks that seem just as legitimate as real ones. Avoid falling for PCH scams by following these tips....(more)

Be Cautious of Free Cash Now Contests

Many people see contests for free cash now and immediately enter with the hopes of winning big. However, before entering any contest, doing a little research helps you to weed out the fake contests from legitimate ones and ensures that you don't fall victim to a scam....(more)


HGTV Dream Home 2014 Giveaway

Every year HGTV gives away a dream home prize package to one lucky winner. For 2014 the dream home is a custom-built, mountain home near Lake Tahoe. The HGTV Dream Home Giveaway is one of the most highly anticipated giveaways with millions of entries every year. ...(more)

Common Symbols of Good Luck and Fortune

Everyone can use a little extra luck from time to time. Here are four common symbols of good fortune that have been used for centuries as good luck tokens to attract health, romance and prosperity....(more)

General Information About the "Push On" Sweepstakes Campaign

Car manufacturing giant General Motors is hosting a contest through its On Star subsidiary, which provides many safety and convenience features. The Push On Sweepstakes is a promotional campaign to make users aware of this new enhancement to safe driving. The prizes total more than $130,000, and you are able to win a Cadillac, GMC or Buick....(more)

Give Aways

Contests to Win Free Family Vacations

Family vacations are both stressful and expensive. While vacations usually create lasting memories, the costs associated with them are sometimes hard to stomach. Luckily, there are numerous family vacation contests to enter for free. Here is a list of five vacation contests for you and your family....(more)

Online Contests to Win a Mini Cooper

If you have seen the Mini Cooper fleet of small cars in "The Italian Job" or have just seen one of these little roadsters rolling around town, then you are possibly looking for a way to win a Mini Cooper. The good news is that there are many different ongoing contests that offer the Mini as a prize....(more)

How to Get UPC Codes for Free

UPC codes are barcodes that identify products when scanned at the point of sale. By following these simple step-by-step instructions, get UPC codes for free....(more)